We have realized the need for children to interact with friends and family in a fun and care free
environment and also understand the desire for them to learn while having fun. As such we have
taken a fresh and innovative look at how to encourage their activity, improve their social skills and
add fun to their education, hence our initial focus on creating educational games.

Since the establishment of Creative Games Africa in 2003, we are proud to be operating and manufacturing out of Cape Town in South Africa.

You can count on us to:
•  Inspire all players to have fun!
•  Design affordable, creative, proudly South African games
•  Develop well-made, socially responsible games
•  Provide new products and exciting add-onís each year
•  Listen to the customer experience and suggestions for improvement
•  Provide extraordinary service to everyone involved with our games

Click here to read about Ring a Pole - our newest addition to Creative Games Africa.

Our games allow children to develop their social skills, encourage them to learn while having fun
and contribute to them being healthy, adventurous, creative, fully self-expressed and free!

They also support the development of:
•  Coordination and planning
•  Number skills
•  General knowledge, short term and long term memory
•  Language and listening skills
•  Communication and sharing
•  Cognitive skills

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Pole-to-Pole has been evaluated by a leading child psychologist.
Click on the link to view an abridged version of the report.